rehearsal rules

Please read and be familiar with the following:

  1. There will be sign-in sheets for each rehearsal posted at the Center's entrance. Please sign in as soon as you arrive.
  2. There will be name badges for rehearsals. Please put them on as soon as you arrive and return them at the end of rehearsal.
  3. Look for any notices on the callboard located near the entrance.
  4. Please arrive early and be ready to start rehearsal at the posted time.
    • Notify the Production Manager at as soon as you are aware you cannot be at rehearsal.
      • Excessive unexcused absences may result in removal from the show. Communication is very important.
  5. No talking while rehearsal is going on. Pay attention to the director.
  6. No gum during rehearsal or performance!
  7. Food or drink is allowed only at the tables in the main area of the Center. Cast members may not eat or drink while in costume.
    • Please pay attention to how long you are scheduled for rehearsal and bring an appropriate snack if you will be there for a long time. Holiday Spectacular cannot afford to feed people as has been done in the past.
    • Water is always a good idea to bring with you. Please mark your bottle prominently with your name.
  8. Smoking is NOT allowed in any rehearsal or performance space.
  9. Please refrain from excessive use of perfume or scent.
    • These seem stronger when in a small area with a lot of people.
    • Many people are allergic, so please be sensitive to this.
  10. The temperature varies with the season in our rehearsal space. Please layer your clothing when dressing because it can be either hot or cold in the building.
  11. Absolutely no flip flops or bare feet! You must wear appropriate shoes to every rehearsal. For safety reasons, if you do not have the correct footwear you will not be able to participate, however, you must observe the rehearsal for any choreography you need to learn.
  12. The success of the show depends on the behavior of every person in the production. Please be considerate of others at all times.