theatre terminology

Call - The time you should arrive. This will be the time to get your costume on and let us make sure everyone has arrived well before the opening of the show.

Callboard - The place backstage (also what we have on our website) where important information for the cast and crew is posted.

Costume parade - Review by director, designer, costume/wardrobe staff, of all costumes worn. Done by number and paraded on the stage so they can see the whole picture.

Places - Your signal to leave your dressing room and go to your designated place to enter the stage. This will be announced over the intercom, so you need to keep the noise level down in the dressing rooms to be able to hear your calls. You should listen to the show and be aware of where it is in the program. If done in person, you should respond with "Thank you, places" so the person calling places will know that you heard it.

Read/Sing Through - Actors read throuigh the script and all songs are sung by those involved in each number. This is your first chance to hear the story and see where what you have been practicing fits in the script.

Run - A rehearsal of a complete show at the 'normal' performance speed.

Stage Left & Stage Right - If you were standing on stage looking at the audience, to your left is Stage Left and your right is Stage Right.

Warning - Your signal to be sure you have your complete costume on and line up at the door. This is not your signal to move, just be ready for when you hear places. Travel time has been taken into account when Places are called!